I am a 30-something Australian feminist with a disability and a passion for social theory. I have many interests in feminist philosophy but am writing thesis on feminist critiques of the family and feminist cosmopolitanism.

I tend to eschew categories; in feminism, as in other contexts ,typologies are good servants but poor masters so I’m reluctant to specify the ‘school’ of feminism I belong to. This might be perceived as unnecessarily equivocal and perhaps, in some quarters, cowardly but it is what it is.  I don’t want to close off potential avenues for discussion and thought or operate in an echo-chamber. Press me hard enough and I might drop labels like ‘materialist’, ‘radical’ and ‘socialist’, even ‘critical realist’. I’m a survivor of a gender studies degree, so am well-acquainted with poststructualism but we have ‘issues’ and talking about our relationship can be painful! (Aren’t I hilarious)

More biographical details? I’m an ex-lesbian separatist in a heterosexual relationship with a wonderful man . I survive on a disability pension and  lots of therapy , selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and anti-psychotics. I love books and animals and dancing badly alone in my room.

I am excited to connect with thoughtful, respectful people all over the world.